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Why some people are born lucky and others unlucky?

Why i was not born rich ? .. Why i was not born a prince ? .. . Why my voice is not the voice of Abdel Halim ? .. why my friend is better than me ? .. why I came to this world  ?! .. A. Why and why of this kind taking place daily in the minds of millions of people around the world, some convince including bestowed reluctantly, convinced helpless. Some satisfied , the heart and soul satisfaction, and these few .. Strangers on this earth .. Of the people of the sky .. Blessed them. And others, the vast majority, thank tongue and expiate his heart, fluctuates pain and heartbreak on the bed, roaring and screaming throughout his life, almost to Anata convergence sky .. Why , oh God ? .. Is it bad See ? .. I hapless ? .. Am I cursed ? .. I am enchanted ? .. Still screaming and cursing the even he be in his grave .. Poor .. Lived and gone without understanding. Quite frankly, I'm one of those poor people who did not understand and still chanting .. Why? ..

Jinx is unfortunately, a misery and harm and distress, said to a hapless man if necessary, unfortunately, and its opposite, a lucky man  or, if necessary happy And for the people in the jinx tales and jokes and such, it is said: "hapless hapless though they put over his head lantern" .. It is also said: "I feel I am going to go out .. and said i am with you  is I can not walk"!!.
Belief Balnhs not Walid present era, people believed in Balnhs since ancient times, and each nation beliefs and Khravadtha in this regard. Arabs ignorance, for example, they are more pessimistic than southpaw and cecum  eye blue. The intensity of belief ominous and jinx they do not go out to battle or trade only with the commander Fortunately  and passenger traffic  leader who already suffered the loss, defeat and refraction.."

Is there a person hapless really?

According to popular beliefs, the jinx may be part of human nature and of the same nature, it is said a man feel a woman feel, that jinx of nature, accompanied wherever a Arthla solution. They charge a lot of people fear them, they might lead to social ostracism for the person who labeled this charge, it becomes an unwelcome presence at social events, has been deprived of marriage or work for nothing but to believe that jinx. This charge usually stuck persons who repeated occurrence of bad things in their presence, for example, if synchronization problems at home with visiting a neighbor or after leaving shortly, that gave the neighbor feel, has spread its reputation in the camp as a whole,  people do not welcome them in their homes and they call for rituals. This, of course, charge can not be substantiated never charge is unfair, it may just be a malicious slander and intrigue aimed to discredit someone. Or may be just a coincidence, as is the case with the girl who dies fiance during the engagement period,
unlucky belief is not limited to a slice or layer-alone community. It is no surprise to find this popular belief even among educated people. I personally know an academic professor cultured cowering from its neighbor, which he says that the same burn everything and everybody, Fterah not buy a purpose or need for only home comes stealthily under the cover of darkness so as not insinuated eyes neighbor Vtnhsh. This type of fear, may be transformed over time into a form of obsessive-compulsive disorder, affecting the behavior and human relations. Worse still, to think that man as personally hapless, I do not mean here conjecture transit stemming from anger and frustration that he is undergoing most people at some point in their lives are thus cursing and screaming, saying: "Woe to chance or Woe to feel" when they passed some positions frustrating. But I mean those who turn them feeling Balnhs to absolute faith and certainty boycotted them to the abyss of failure, and who are thus frustrated always do not make any effort to develop themselves on the grounds that they Mnhocn and luck always Ijannbhm.

What religion say? .. The opinion of the philosophers?

The idea that human hapless or lucky flatly rejected religions, they denounce the most important principles based upon any religion. The first is the principle of the absolute power of the Creator. If things were being Balhzawz and a bad omens for the law of the universe long ago and crashed into galaxies, stars and planets with each other and the world as we know it collapsed once. The second principle relates to the fairness and justice to the Creator, it is unreasonable to leave God things people and livelihoods for meat and share. It is true that luck people of this world seems uneven and unfair, generates some rich and others in extreme poverty .. Some very handsome, strength and intelligence .. And others in the ultimate Damamp and weakness and stupidity .. Department of them die in the heyday of youth live another department until the very end of life .. All of these things may seem unfair .. But perhaps behind the wisdom we humans do not realize, this is what some philosophers say "Cavanin" For example, if all the people rich, it is therefore occupy laboratories and factories and state institutions? .. And clean the streets and trim gardens and carries goods? .. It will dwell cemeteries and garbage and old neighborhoods? .. It Sataiwi deferred dreams and hopes in the last all night .. Put under the pillow to sleep and then mumbled, saying: "inexhaustible treasure"!.
If the wisdom and the lesson of varying fortunes of the people of this world seem incomprehensible, the fluctuating fortunes may seem more mysterious and puzzling. You see the great man with wealth and place and influence .. See patients forgotten in his last almost never cited one. Women Belle believes that kohl eye vision .. See the years has turned into an old poor تتجهم to see faces and GOES her attention contempt .. Thus is the world dear reader .. Iqbal and following the prescribed .. But tell considered.

Jinx lottery

From time to fill my email messages claiming that I had won a prize lottery worth millions of dollars, which, of course, false and disturbing messages sole purpose swindling and fraud, so I never open it, but I sometimes wonder to myself while I deleted .. What if I win actually won a lottery Million? What will I do with money and how it will change my life?. To find out the answer to my question I started looking for stories of people who actually won such awards. The course is expected to not only read about happiness that money brought him to the lives of those lucky winners .. But I was wrong in my expectations, but I became I hope that will not win any prize at all, sometimes money brings with it not only bad luck and unhappiness, and sometimes leads to loss, imprisonment and death.
Michael Carroll .. A poor start .. He returned poor ..
Michael Carroll was just a simple worker turned his life upside down in 2002 when he won the lottery prize of 9.7 million pounds sterling. The amount Taúla not generate poor young man what to do with it, much of it Fozaa generously to friends and family, and bought a house a luxurious and modern cars, horses and dogs .. Then dragged some bad friends to drug abuse, and completely changed his behavior, became Mtaalaa and irascible, Vahjrth his wife and only daughter took her, and became spends most of his time with prostitutes. Then أستدرجه some fraudsters under the influence of women and drugs to projects and a failed fake .. In the end, after eight years of wealth and prestige, Michael returned to where he started, all his money evaporated after he lost his wife and daughter and deny his friends and family .. He has been living on government aid!.
Evelyn Adams was not the best luck of Michael Carroll, Farahltha with millions ended up sleeping in the base locomotive on the side of the road. Strange that Evelyn did not win a single lottery prize, but with two. Won first بجائزتها in 1985 and second in 1986, and the total amount you got was $ 5.4 million, a huge sum instead of her life radically, suddenly became everyone respect them and have been courting them .. At that says Elevin: "Everyone wanted a part of Mali, everyone lent their hands, demanding money. Unfortunately I did not learn that أجيبهم simplest word in the English language .. no .. I could not say no ... How I wish I return time to do it again, you to behave in the smartest. " But the clock does not unfortunately back to back. Thus, waste Evelyn, accompanied Polaha excessive gambling, it all led to the bankruptcy and the loss of its entire wealth.
William Post .. Died of grief ..
William Bad Post won $ 16.2 million in 1998, has wished for later if he did not buy that never trump card because it was the reason for the destruction of his life. Vhqigah greed Bmalh hired professional killer in order to kill him he and one of his relatives Ohmh holding a bargain then stole money and fled, and جرجرته former sweetheart to the courts in the hope of a part of his fortune and succeeded in getting their goal. Then he was arrested incarcerated in prison for lifting arms against a creditor. In 2006 William announced bankrupt and died in the same year and alone in a government hospital nasty .. Killed him sorrowfully.
But Billy Bob Harrell, who won $ 31 million in 1997 did not die Bal_husrp, but terminated his life committed suicide shot from his pistol after ripping money his marriage and revealed to him the falsehood metal friends and relatives who never left the way powerless except Trkoha for looting money.  
Jack Whitaker .. Was already a millionaire ..
Jack Whitaker did not need the money, he was already a millionaire, and he lived to the welfare and happiness with his family until in 2002 won the largest lottery prize in U.S. history worth $ 314 million .. I wish I did not do .. That award was a disaster for his life, it was robbed twice and almost lost his life in one. Was lifted three lawsuits for reasons of money, and his wife emigrated, and friend of his granddaughter died in his home in 2004 on the effect of taking a drug overdose, and a few months after police found the body of his granddaughter wrapped in a blanket and buried in a farm friends. In 2007, a gang of professional thieves stole all his money from the bank through fraud 12 pulled tally instruments through which until last fils. Late problems ended with the loss of his entire fortune, in 2009, police found the body of his daughter - the mother of his granddaughter murdered - on a farm near his home, was murdered are other!.
Lucien .. Lost everything ..
Seventy Lucian Nolte had been living quietly and happiness of his wife and son before winning the lottery of $ 16.9 million in 2009, and since that moment began its problems, has signed a divorce between him and his wife after several months because of financial disputes, and looting neighbors and relatives of millions of dollars from him taking advantage of his generosity and goodness, causing the wrath of his only son, who sued in the court of the stone on his father on charges of dementia. Son did not want his partner in the prize money won by his father, he wanted money for him alone, bought a luxury house for his wife, who was dreaming of days poverty possession of a large swimming pool in her home, and as the money has come .. So why not have a swimming pool, was built Son pool great for his wife of his father's wealth, but her delight pool did not last long, after several weeks had found a dead body floating on the surface of a hundred, I have sunk during the swim in the pool, which has long dreamed and yearned to possess! .. And I wish we ended up at this point, three weeks after the death murder of her husband, the son of Lucien, in a car crash. Thus it has been found old Lucien himself alone in the end .. Lost money .. And his wife emigrated .. And killed his son .. And sank his son's wife!.
Shakespeare Woody de .. Prey and hunter ..
May be Abraham Shakespeare is the most famous victims feel the lottery, as it was a poor case destitute while I accept it luck suddenly, it happened in 2006 during a business trip to Miami, accompanied by his friend Michael Ford, who stopped his truck small when one shops scattered along the way to buy cigarettes and drinks , and before dismounting from the truck Shakespeare asked whether he would like to buy him something in his way. Shakespeare asked him to buy lottery cards and gave him two dollars five dollars that did not have the money elsewhere. Then days passed and willing luck to win one of my Shakespeare prize of $ 30 million, which Augr heart Michael Ford raised a lawsuit against his friend demanding a portion of the value of the award on the pretext that he is the one who bought the cards, but lost that case later did not get anything. As Shakespeare conditions have changed radically, abandoning the miserable poor neighborhood and turn to live in a lavish palace of one million dollars in one of the finest neighborhoods of the city. But wealth euphoria did not last long, as soon as the infiltration of boredom and sadness to his heart because of all those people who lost their Eetmlqoh in order to get a portion of his money, so he told his brother once said: "I was present the best when you are poor" .. He complained to one of his childhood friends, saying: "I think that all these people are my friends, but I understood later that all Aradoh is only financial." The blonde Doris Moore, nicknamed ČĎí de, is one of the those opportunistic lining that took Shakespeare, has Ogute and made him enter into fake projects has its way of stealing money. Then suddenly disappeared Shakespeare in 2009 and no longer sees a completely no news except for some text messages from his cell phone and that was up to his family from time to time. In those letters was Shakespeare says he fled to another city to move away from the surrounding lining hypocritical. But doubts began to inspire his family about his fate, فتقدمت complaint to the police to uncover the circumstances of his disappearance, and after several months, police managed to reach his place .. Poor guy was lying under five meters of dirt and dust in the garden of a house Didi who had killed him with the help of her lover in early 2009 after being stolen all his money and then began to send text messages from his phone just people that he is still alive.

Relative and luck!

It is said that everything is relative in this life, so our view of things that seem for a moment that it's very simple and clear. Imagine, for example, that you are sitting in a movie theater watching when revolves around a man facing death several times, but his life every time one way or another. At the end of the film, after the return of all the lights, advancing Alec Belle anchor for asking one specific question .. Will ask you to describe her luck hero of the film .. What would you say? .. Are Stcefh Mounhos because death later and chased more than once .. Or describes Bamahzawz to he escaped with his life all at once? .. Alice Both are true?!. It relativity Einstein rears its head again.
Tsutomu Yamaguchi ..
To Take, as another example, this time from the reality of life for Japanese man unheard Many of us in spite of his fame worldwide .. That Tsutomu Yamaguchi Tsutomu Yamaguchi man who dubbed by some the most Nhsa on earth.
Tsutomu lived with his family in the Japanese city of Nagasaki during World War II, he worked in factories Mitsubishi giant when He willed his luck bad luck he would be sent on a training mission to the city of Hiroshima in the summer of 1945, where he spent three months in the company's factories there and was on his way back to Nagasaki in the sixth morning of August / August 1945 when he suddenly remember at the train station that he forgets his stamp company Vagafl building back in order to restore it. During the way back Attention Tsutomu metallic object descend from heaven by a large umbrella, watched a fall slowly .. And suddenly caught a huge sky glitter eye-catching, followed by thunderous sound deafening as if thousands of thunder roars together then fire engulfed everything in the city. That was terrible explosion caused by a bomb "Little Boy" nuclear delivered by the Americans on that fateful morning over the Japanese city of Hiroshima.
Hiroshima .. Cityscape after a nuclear explosion ..
Tsutomu who was expelled 3 km from the center of the explosion was injured and burns on his back and waist, but survived. Although surgery has boarded the train the next day back to the city of Nagasaki, where he received treatment in one of the hospitals and then went to his house to rest. Two days after that, on the morning of the ninth of August / Tsutomu went to his place of work in factories Mitsubishi. Was sitting describes to his colleagues at work Hole blast, which he saw in Hiroshima, in the meantime was American receiving bomb "Fat Man" nuclear over Nagasaki, this time also was Tsutomu is approximately 3 km from the center of the explosion but he out of death also but suffered from high fever for a week because of inflamed wounds.
Tsutomu )recovered and lived a long life until the age of ninety-third, but people did not pay attention to the story only in the last years of his life while turning to the focus of attention Japanese media witness vivid horror of a nuclear holocaust Fastdavch many television stations and interview dozens of interviews in Japan and abroad. In 2009 .. Just three days ago and died of stomach cancer, the Japanese government acknowledged (Ptsutomu) double victim of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear, was the only person who has been recognized by the government of the other 160 victims claimed they lived plight of nuclear blasts.
Tsutomu caused the crisis between Japan and England in 2010 because of the satirical television program presented by the British Broadcasting Corporation ( BBC ) has been described Tsutomu which "most Nhsa person on the face of the earth." And there are a lot of sites on the Internet described unlucky, but I personally see very lucky, but lucky the only one who survived the hell twice nuclear and lived another 64 years to tell his story

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