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Extraordinary capabilities in animals

Extraordinary capabilities in animals

Do you have animals sponsored by people known capabilities beyond the senses or to have only relatively hypersensitive senses? In fact there are a lot of unusual stories about animals' ability to telepathy and determine the direction and sense of sensing it before it happens. Will those capabilities are examples of how strong senses of animals or is it evidence of its psychological capability miraculous and mysterious?

We've heard stories such as:

- Jump shot to the edge of the net per day, several minutes before the arrival to the house owner.

- Dog starts barking just before the phone rings and if he knew that the phone call was about to happen.

- Parrot learning to speak and say things that seem to be in response to the owner thinks the same time.

- An animal dear to his companions lost during a family trip and miraculously find a way to the home of his companions and sometimes cut the trip hundreds or even thousands of miles away.

How did this happen? Do pets have (and probably all other animals) a number of innate psychological capacities that allow them to listen to the brain waves to the owners or even read the imminent future? Or is it a more superior senses of humans كالبصر and hearing as well as a sense of slight changes magnetic latent and present in the surrounding environment and we do not realize these changes seem miraculous actions for us?

Debate still rages on between two parties, whether on the one hand who think physical course of events, along with a lot of pet breeders hand skeptics who think in a scientific way.

Thought (Robert Sheldrake), author of Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home or "dogs know that their owners are coming home," which was published in 1999, that animals have the capacity humans were owned in the past, but for some reason no longer have a presence among them. Through his research expanded concluded that there are 3 main varieties of the Hidden perception in animals:

- Telepathy Telepathy
Telepathy psychologist continues between some pets and their owners through contact points called (Sheldrake) "fields metamorphic" morphic fields, which is the ability to give a pet to know when the owner on his way home.

- A sense of direction Sense Of Direction
Is the ability to explain "incredible trips" of the animals back to their owners, including domestic bird bath.

- Or obsession sensing imminent danger Premonition
This explains why you know some animals near the earthquakes and other events about to happen.

Offers (Sheldrake) in his book more than 300 pages extensive research studies on the mysterious capacity of the animals as well as dozens of examples from real experiences recounted pet owners:

1 - Telepathy
This chapter focuses of the book (Sheldrake) on the ability of telepathy, and assumes that this capacity created through the close relationship that develops between human and pet where marketed a number of tales told by pet owners who believe that animals learn their intentions, for example recall experience realism following :

"I can not understand how the dog (Jenny) which hybrids and groin 7 years ago that can know that I was about Tmsheeth, Merely thinking about that be enough for him to jump joyfully, and to rule out any doubt about the possibility of contact with eye or any information taken from other senses have left my dog ​​out in the garden of the house and behind the windows and doors closed and then I thought only in Tmsheeth Jfat result as previously every time, the dog was mad of joy and expectation, and when I wore my clothes to go to work remained quiet completely. "

It could be argued that the dog picks up hints of the owner without recognizes its owner, it can also be this hint in the form of smell smelt of dog owner does not smell only his dog just which guide him to the owner prompt to go to Tmsheeth, however remains interpretation difficult.

- And enumerate as well as the story of a snapshot in Switzerland seem to know when a phone call will come particular:

"After he retired father and his work sometimes for a acquaintances (Arago), and was related to us sometimes there during the evening, and a minute before ringing the Contact graduated cat state of calm and sit at the bottom and near the place of the phone, and sometimes takes Abi train to the city (Biel) and then uses a bicycle to reach home Vtgls cat outside the front door 30 minutes before his arrival, and at other times up dad to (Biel) earlier than usual, then call us from the station, Vtgls cat in down near the phone, and before and shortly rings, and then go to sit at the front door, all I said was is irregular or anticipate unusual, but it seems that the cat know exactly where he was and what will happen after that. "

2 - Sense of Direction
There are stories about animals cut long trips and sometimes arduous journeys to Iltm reunited with their owners which stories incredible capabilities of animal mysterious, and before that touches (Sheldrake) to this subject in the chapter dedicated his book began to explain habits of migratory birds and other animals and factions that follow the same travel patterns for hundreds or even thousands of years, the science that instinctive behavior, but what is this instinct in the first place? Are the help of visual cues and features of the place and the position of the sun and possibly star in addition to areas odor signals transmitted by wind and water and perhaps also reservoirs Earth's magnetic field, which can Tstchaara these animals?

The book (Sheldrake) examples illustrate that can animals that senses when be close to the homes of their owners when they are on the way back from trips, but not be interpreted this by watching the animal to the contours of familiar place or smell familiar or capture changes in the behavior of their owners when approaching from their homes? , And what makes it amazing is that pets go a long trips in return and pass unfamiliar places, and offers (Sheldrake) several examples in the book, including the following incident:

"It was the protection of small farm put the guard dog and called (Sultan), and one day become protect patients and was taken to hospital by ambulance, and several days later he died and was buried in the local cemetery about 5 kilometers from the farm, and after several weeks of burial m watching a This dog days, and it seemed so strange to us it was not usually (Sultan) to mislead at all, but we did not really care for it so much came up working earlier on Sunday She lives next to the cemetery and told us: "Imagine that I when I went to around the cemetery that day I saw (Sultan) was sitting at the tomb of the family! , And I can not imagine how he managed to find the way and follows the 5 kilometers in?!, There is no master effects can be followed, so that he had never taken one to the cemetery or even to the fields? Especially since he did not depart the house, which is guarded, how would he found the grave of his master? "".

3 - obsession Premonition
In this chapter of the book explores (Sheldrake) the possibility that remind us of some animals for impending events, and may have been the most common events are pets that seem to know that the owners on the verge of their seizures.

The epilepsy simplest sense is a form of temporary electrical contact gets in the victim's brain and resulting in spasms and difficulty breathing and loss of consciousness sometimes, does have a pet real sensing ability or concern before a seizure? Or that the animal severe light sensitivity to vibration of the muscles, or that adept at capturing changes in behavior or smells that can not be detected until the victim minutes before a seizure?

I have observed (Sheldrake) that dogs, cats and even rabbits pets can be sensitive direction of epileptic seizures, and wonders (Sheldrake) The animals were sensitive direction other diseases also introduced evidence from experiments realism suggests that some pets alerted to diabetes when the level of sugar low in the blood of their friends as well as Male (Sheldrake) stories about animals seem to know places cancerous spots on their friends and so long before making the diagnosis.

As mentioned earlier on the ability of some animals to know earthquakes before they occur shortly imminent rats and snakes see come out of their nests before the start of the quake, and infected horses and other farm animals are upset bird and fly away from the scene of large swarms
Will also consider the case of high-sensitivity towards more environment variables to be retroactive recognition (prediction)? The animal senses weak vibrations, smells and electric and magnetic emissions caused by the ground, remain difficult to answer this question, however there seems to events where pet prior knowledge and actual catastrophic events, including:

"One morning tried my dog ​​(Toby) prevent me from out of the front door remained barking Front then based on the door and jumped at me and pushed me with that usually dog ​​quiet and gentle and knows the routine of my life, and I had to come back after 4 hours of my career, closed down by the door kitchen and left him howling, something not done before and since that incident at all, began about 7:30 am when at 9:40 am I was involved incident conduct appalling led to break my neck and my arms and right a number of other injuries, and now I've learned that to listen to (Toby). "

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